Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 1 of Travel

( I couldn't get an internet connection until now, so I'm posting this a little late.  Sorry!)

Today is step one of our trip to Ethiopia:  Destination – Washington D.C.!
We woke up at around 6:00 a.m. and hurried around trying to get last minute packing done.  Since I am staying for possibly 3 months, depending on embassy clearance timelines, we have two containers filled with food and must-haves like paper towels and macaroni and cheese!  We get one other back to check on the plane a piece, so that left room for diapers, baby wipes, and toiletries.  We have two carry-on bags a piece as well, with clothing and electronics.  Basically, we look like gypsies.
seaside 081.JPG
Tonight we flew in to Dulles airport, fought a lady who tried to take my bag that looked “just like hers”, received ALL of our checked luggage at baggage claim (HALLELUJAH!  Miracle #1…check!) We are staying overnight at Embassy Suites in the Washington D.C. area.  Our travel agent (Lindsey at Golden Rule is the BEST!) got us a hotel for free since we had a layover.  I was expecting it to feel like a free hotel, you know, where you think if you close your eyes, the roaches and spiders will come out of the walls and slide into your bed, and craw into your ears… This hotel is anything but a “free feeling” hotel!  It’s beautiful and comfortable, and it has swans in an indoor pond on the first floor.  What?  Oh, and the best part is, made-to-order breakfast tomorrow morning! 
Tomorrow we will leave from D.C. at noon to head to Addis Ababa!  We arrive tomorrow at 11ish p.m. (US time) and 8 a.m. (ET time).  We will put our bags in the hotel and head to the transition home to meet Zane for the first time!  Pray for our meeting with him that God will miraculously cause him to understand that we are his parents and that we love him.  (Oh, and while you pray, pray our luggage makes it to Addis from D.C.!  Having loads of luggage is not how the Brannans roll.  Anyone who knows Mark knows how compact and tidy he likes to be at all times!  We have so much luggage it’s embarrassing.)
Enjoy these pics of the trip so far!
Our luggage:  J
seaside 105.JPG
Embassy Suites D.C.:
seaside 112.JPG
seaside 111.JPG
seaside 106.JPG
seaside 108.JPG
seaside 109.JPG
seaside 110.JPG

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