Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suprise Guest Post: Happy Eighth Year Anniversary!

[This guest post is brought to you thanks to Cimbrey's use of the same password on just about everything for the last 8 years... Mark]

Cimbrey, it was a mere two-thousand-nine-hundred-twenty days ago that I watched the doors swing open at the back of the church in Bryan, Texas to see your radiant smile marching down the aisle.  I could barely hold myself together but you didn't shed a tear.  I asked you later how you made it through the ceremony with such ease, and you told me that you had been given a supernatural strength of conviction and confidence, but most importantly, you were not going to let your make-up get messed up in front of God and everybody.

We love to joke with our friends that our 8 years of marriage have been the best 6 years of our life.  It's true the first 700 or so days were tough going for the two of us, but I look back at what God formed through our crisis, and I treasure the tribulations of those early days.  It was your strength of character and dependence upon the Lord that lead us through the storm and towards brighter days. 

Remember when you told me you wanted to move to Fort Worth, Texas and were thrilled when I got a job there?  Well I remember how not thrilled you were when I called you back and said we are moving to New Orleans.  But I also love how you were flexible, agreed to follow me, and through your faith you came to love the city and its people more than you ever thought possible.  Even in the darkest days after Hurricane Katrina, you wanted nothing but to move back to your city.  I love how you remain open to the Lord's plan for you despite your own desires.

I love the heart you have for God's children, and I am inspired by the way you lead us to adoption as plan A.  I know the many people who read your blog every day see the light of Christ in you through this process, and I am grateful for your daily surrender.  Zane loves his Momma, and I can't wait for the three of us to be together again.

Now, in a time where it would be easy to feel alone, you remain confident in your calling, continue to rely upon the Lord, display faithfulness in God's calling to the extent that you have grown to love Ethiopia and its people as your own, and you surrender daily despite the uncertainty that remains before us in the adoption process.

You are a remarkable woman of noble character, and I have full confidence in you.  You work eagerly to care for our family and your faith makes you strong for the task.  You open your arms to those in need and you do not fear uncertainty.  You speak wisdom and it is easy to praise you because you fear the Lord!

After Eight years we now sit 8000 miles apart, but I have never felt closer to you!

Happy Anniversary, Cim!

Love, Mark

Since I am in Texas this week, I'll close with a country song:


Mary Beth said...

Oh, wow. That made me tear up a bit. Happy anniversary, and God bless as you set out on this new adventure!

K. Jeansonne said...

You guys are so AMAZING! I can't wait to see your family together! Thinking about you often!

The Brannan Brief! said...

Mark, thank you for the surprise and the loving words. You have honored me so much! I love you and I'm so happy that you asked me to marry you 8 years ago today.

rachel said...

dang it mark! I don't to cry while reading blogs. ugh. so sweet! miss you cimbrey!

Jay Brannan said...

im pretty sure i cried enough for both me AND cimbrey.


you are very lucky to have each other, and i admire the amount of love, commitment, and effort you both put towards your relationship.

Denise said...

I used to joke at work that I was President of Cimbrey's Fan club. Now I guess I'm President of Mark's Fan Club too!!! Love you guys!!!! Denise

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! What a blessing you are to each other, and to all of us lucky enough to know you! May God be with you on this new adventure called "parenting!"

Little Lamb said...

So so very sweet! Happy Anniversary!