Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 9 - Laid back afternoon

This morning two families got to take their children from the transition home forever; the Dreyfes's, and the Burke's.  They arrived a the guest house with their children, and they decided to shower, and hang around the hotel.  The rest of us Autry's, Snyder's, and Brannan's went to lunch with Yonas and David.  Then we all went to the transition home.  The Mason's met us at the transition home and the Autry's and Mason's were able to meet their kids for this first time today.  It's so cool to see that.  The Autry's are adopting a sibling group of 4.  They are a lot of fun!  The Mason's are adopting a baby boy.

AWAA Transition Home

Zane wanted to chill a little bit more than usual today.  We walked around the grounds, and Daddy let him see the men unloading Wooha (water) from the truck.  He was very interested in the process of taking water bottles out and putting empty water bottles in.  Then we pretty much stayed on the porch the rest of the time.  He looked at some books with cars, trucks, planes, and boats, played a little with plastic baby toys, but mostly wanted to cuddle.  Mark left for a few minutes to go talk to some of the staff, and Zane said "Daddy" and "Ababa" the entire time.  When Mark returned, he stopped.  I think he knows what it means.  He wasn't much into saying "Mama" today, but he wanted me to hold him a lot.  He's got a little ear infection, so we would appreciate your prayers about that.  That is probably why he is a little cranky and just wanting to lay low.

When we left today, Zane went to the window with the other kids, smiled, and waved goodbye again.  He was a little clingy when I dropped him off, but his friends are WAY too exciting to be sad for long!

We will get to meet the Marquez family and one other family coming in tonight.  It's a full house here at the Yesabi again!

We go to the International Church again tomorrow.  I CAN'T WAIT!  It is such a great church, and it is such a cool picture of what heaven will be like with all people singing praises to God.

It's almost dinner time here, so I gotta run.  Have a great day in the states!


Michelle said...

Poor sweetie...Emilee just got over an ear infection. No fun at all!

Unknown said...

Mark and Cimbrey, I AM SO EXCITED for you! I can't wait to meet your little guy. I am glued to your blog and check it at least 3 times per day!!! I love reading your stories. Keep em comin! With Love, Denise Marcon