Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I LOVE TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'm a little slow, and I know I'm a little overdue in admitting this, but.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TARGET! (Unless I have something to return...story for another day.) I went to the mall to spend some birthday money I had, and I just felt like I was either going to walk out with a bunch of junk I didn't want, or I was going to blow the whole thing on one item. I hate blowing all my money on ONE THING. I'm definitly looking to get the most for my money! Well, I had to go to Target today to get some things we needed around the house. In the back of my mind, I thought, "I'll see if anything catches my eye. I do have that birthday money still."

Two hours later, this is what I ended up with! Ha! Just in time for going to the beach on Sunday! It was like Christmas! AND I didn't spend more than my birthday money allowed!!!! (Mark should be very proud.) Saving money at Target makes my day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Birthday!

My sister-in-law is the best! Sharpies are a teachers best friend. (Especially multi-colored ones!) HOLLA!

My motto.

The Best ice cream in the world

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

This birthday was a breakthrough for me in the area of flexibility and it was great just relaxing and having no expectations! Mark had great plans for yesterday, as he always does, and because of timing and other issues only one of the plans actually worked out. We couldn't have planned it better though. We started out a Ruth's Chris for dinner downtown. Next, Mark had planned to see a Shakespeare comedy at Tulane, but we had to be on the waiting list. We were at the top, so both of us were pretty confident that we would get in. We waited for about 20 minutes at the ticket box and they ended up being one ticket short. Normally I would've been disappointed that my expectations were not met, but it ended up being a great opportunity for Mark and I to visit more, and take a walk around Tulane's beautiful campus! Then, Mark had planned for us to go to my favorite restaurant to get dessert, Le Crepe Nanou. When we arrived there was a cop keeping people from parking in the bank parking lot across the street, my secret parking place, so Mark dropped me off and parked two blocks away. I put my name on the list only to realize that there was an hour wait. At that point, I began craving ice cream from Creole Creamery across the street for several reasons: 1. It has the most unique flavors of ice cream in the world (I think) including avacado, jalepeno, etc. 2. It is cheap and cheaper is always better (to us anyway) and 3. There wasn't an hour wait (which is enough reason to go there in and of itself). We quickly decided the advantages of Creole Creamery outweighed the opportunity to wait at Le Crepe Nanou for an hour outside in the heat and humidity of NOLA. We shared CARMEL CHICKORY CHOCOLATE and COFFEE PECAN BRITTLE! Does it get any better than that???? I submit it does NOT. Obviously, because I love ice cream so much, that was my favorite part of the evening. Afterward, we rented a movie and came home and opened presents. It was like Christmas! Mark is the best at getting me gifts. I really scored big in having him as a husband. It just happens to be his love language! HA! Isn't that awesome?! My favorite gift was a beautiful necklace and earrings he gave me...or maybe the shoes. I don't know! I love it all!
Here are some pictures of the evening. (GREAT JOB, MARK! YOU'RE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun with the Girls!

I recently had some girls in my Sunday school class take a road trip to my parents' house in Houston. It was a great time of shopping, laying out by the pool and eating good Texas food. Here are some pics!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Mardi Gras Time!

Yes...This is a real car for sale. $6,000 if anyone wants it. Great deal!


Cafe' Du Mond

One of Brad Pitt's green homes going up in the Lower 9th

Baptist Crossroads/Habitat homes

NOLA musicians of the next generation

The beloved Sarah Palin

The Phantom (Ray Nagin)

Kat and Me

My cute husband!!!

Are y'all about to fight?

You think Brad looks weird? You should hear his accent!!

The crew d' texas

Love... ahhh...

Anna and me!

Kat, Steph and me!

We had a terrific time this weekend with Kat, Aaron, Steph, and Brad from Dallas, and friends from New Orleans as well! Friday night we watched two parades on St. Charles Ave. after eating tasty fajitas at Superior Grill! Krewe D'Etat is my favorite parade. It's a hilarious satire on local and national politics, and of course, celebrities when it's just too easy. One of my favorite floats was Sarah Palin as "My Fair Lady". Love her! I also loved their interpretation of New Orleans' mayor, Ray Nagan as "The Phantom". He's been MIA a lot this year, so it's so fitting. I love Mardi Gras, but I can't help thinking "What in the world?" about some of the traditions (and no, I'm not referring to what you might be thinking...get your mind out of the gutter.) I don't want our New Orleans friends to get offended, so ask Brad about it... Ha! Poor guy was scared. We enjoyed beignets in the French Quarter on Saturday and a strole down the 'ol Bourbon Street. We even got to throw beads off a balcony! Carnival season is so much fun...especially getting a week off school. YEA!!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Bourbon Street

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living Proof Live New Orleans

Tonight I attended a prayer event for Living Proof Live coming April 3-4 in New Orleans. It was more than I imagined it would be, which is usually what happens when God leads his people to pray. Women leaders from the gulf south met in our fellowship hall to praise God, confess personal and corporate sin that has kept us from being in line with God's work in this region, to give thanks for all He's done and what he will do, and to ask God to specifically arrange for every women who needs to be there to have the time and resources to attend. We went to different prayer stations all focusing on a characteristics of God. There we prayed for God to make himself known to our city and this region in ways He's never done before. I'm praying for God to do whatever it takes to cause all to praise His name alone. Please pray with us that God would be known as the LIVING GOD, that He would bring life to the spiritually dead, that His living Word would penetrate our hearts on an individual basis, that His living water would satisfy our deepest needs, that believers would be living proof of His grace in this city, that we would love others as Christ loves them, and that the fruit of the Spirit would be evident in our lives. His name and His renown is the desire of our hearts! Pray that this event would be a tool that God uses to bring all women in this city to salvation and abundant life. Pray that He would set captives free and draw all men to Himself.

Thanks for your prayers!

If you would like to attend this event, go to to register.