Monday, July 18, 2011

Days 10-11

Yesterday, day 10, began with another great service at the International Church. We had two vans of families to ride to church with this week. The sermon was on reconnecting with God during the valleys of life. I listened closely, as a potential valley is on the horizon. When Mark leaves, it will be difficult, but I know that God gives us times alone so He can show us His glory. The pastor reminded me that we are never alone. God is with us, fighting for us, we need only to be still. There comes a point in every path God walks you down where you realize you have no control. It is there that God is able to show you how He is incredibly glorious and worthy of praise. Mark and I can do nothing to make our letter appear in court, but God is working all people and situations together for our good because We love Him.

Yesterday, our time with Zane was one of the best. He laughed the entire time. We have some great pictures and videos that we can't wait to post. He's such a happy boy. I think Zane really started to bond with Daddy yesterday. Afterall, Dad is way fun! He said Daddy a lot and he wanted to play with Daddy. He seemed to be feeling good and he had a lot of energy. Mark taught him how to play the Aggie band beats on an old washbin. He loved it! Texas Aggie class of 2027ish here we come! I pray that the joy of the Lord fills Him continually and that He knows Jesus in a very real way from an early age. I pray that God's truth overshadows any lies that He could believe about his life, and that God gives him a grateful heart.

Today, day 11, we went to the transition home in the morning and visited Zane and then went to the orphanages again. Zane was fun and sweet again today, but being out of his normal routine and making him eat outside has caused him to be a little squirmy and uninterested in eating. Zane apparently does not like anything with pasta. Why you ask? Good question. What's not to like about pasta? He also will not eat mashed bananas. We'll have to work on that more when we get home. He may like them firm and not mashed. He cried pretty hard when we left. It's getting to where he doesn't want to go to the nannies. Good for me, but hard for him and hard for me to leave him.

We went to Abenezer Orphanage and experienced another coffee ceremony with popcorn and these fantastic roasted wheat seeds. The process is so interesting to watch! I got a coffee pot so that I can teach Zane how to do it someday.

Mynlittle friend from our last visit was there again. He's a precious, polite little boy about 9years Old. Marks favorite is a little girl about 13. They ares both great at soccer and so sweet! I really want to keep up with them. I have to know what happens to them. While I'm here, I will go visit them if I can.

We about to eat dinner with travel group number 2! It's a fun group from all over the US. we hope to stay in touch as much as we can when we get home.

Praying for MOWCYA to urgently write all of our letters this week!


Trent and Dana said...

Finally caught up on your trip. How AMAZING!!! Give Zane a hug for all of us.

Jenny Martin said...

so glad he's bonding so well with y'all!! it's probably the texture of mashed bannanas :) brayden wouldn't touch them till we gave it to him whole :)