Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I LOVE TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'm a little slow, and I know I'm a little overdue in admitting this, but.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TARGET! (Unless I have something to return...story for another day.) I went to the mall to spend some birthday money I had, and I just felt like I was either going to walk out with a bunch of junk I didn't want, or I was going to blow the whole thing on one item. I hate blowing all my money on ONE THING. I'm definitly looking to get the most for my money! Well, I had to go to Target today to get some things we needed around the house. In the back of my mind, I thought, "I'll see if anything catches my eye. I do have that birthday money still."

Two hours later, this is what I ended up with! Ha! Just in time for going to the beach on Sunday! It was like Christmas! AND I didn't spend more than my birthday money allowed!!!! (Mark should be very proud.) Saving money at Target makes my day!