Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 2 1/2 - 12 Hour Flight to Addis and Meeting our Son!

Today could not have gone any better.  The flight to Addis Ababa was pleasant.  Not too boring.  Ethiopian Airlines was really nice!  All of our luggage made it to the airport as we landed!  (Another miracle!)  We only had 2 hours of sleep or so on the plane so we were a bit tired.  We stood for about 10 minutes at the luggage carrel, only to realize that our luggage had been pulled and set aside already near a post.  HA!  We were so out of it!
As soon as we made it through customs, I heard the most pleasant voice say, "You must be Cimbrey! (pronounced correctly!)"  I said, "And you must be JOB!"  It was our travel guide with America World, a native of Addis Ababa.  He then introduced us to our driver, and we immediately hit it off with jokes and laughing.
When we made it to the guest house, we met 4 other American couples here for their court dates.  They have been a lot of fun to be with.  Job gave us the option of staying at the guest house to sleep or going to the cathedral (where Haile Selaisse is burried) tour they had planned, and, of course, Mark and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  We were thrilled to see one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Addis.

Afterward, we had pizza and Khaldi's (Ethiopian starbucks) coffee, and we were off to the transition home!

The nannies had to wake Zane up from a nap to come meet us.  He was sleepy, but so sweet, not fussy at all.  He just wanted to be held the whole time.  His sweet head just rested on my shoulder for most of the three hours we were with him.  We played with cars (a favorite), read a Tow Mater book (interactive book with sounds), and a jungle animal game I had on my iPad.  He was very curious, and he loves to observe people and things.  While cautious, he did try a couple new games today.  His personality is so easy-going and sweet.      He is a peaceful little fellow who seems to let others have the spotlight.

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Lindsey said...

All the best to you and Mark and little Zane! Many prayers that the procedures and transition go very smoothly. We saw Mark's parents a couple weeks ago at an anniversary party for my inlaws. They were very excited about the adoption and told us about the court date and big trip! God bless your family.

Lindsey Wilson