Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7 - Coffee!

Today we visited the coffee factory here in Addis.  It was amazing, and it's such a beautiful building!  The women sorting coffee beans were beautifully ornamented in colorful scarves.  They picked out "bad" beans and put them in a bucket.  The bucket then went to a group of women sorting beans for local coffee and they would find "salvageable" beans to serve locally.  Nothing was wasted.

Next, we went to the best coffee shop in Addis, according to Yonas.  It makes its own coffee, roasts it, and serves it in the shop, so he thinks its the most authentic I think.  Kaldi's is a popular coffee shop here (like Starbucks) but they don't roast their own beans.  They get it from Tomaca???  I think that's the name of the shop we were at!!!  Yonas and David laugh at me because I can't remember anything in Amharic.  They've taught me to say "thank you" a thousand times, and I still can't remember it 10 minutes later.

This afternoon, we went to the transition home.  Zane was in a great mood again, and we enjoyed playing with him.  He absolutely loves the formula they give him.  He's a little picky about real food.  It's funny.  Thankfully, he loves mashed potatoes!  Okay.  He can live in the south.

Tonight our travel group went to the airport to fly home.  We're so sad.  They were the best group we could have asked for.  We were all the same age, and very similar in personalities.  We'll definitely keep up at home.

The next travel group comes Saturday.  I know two girls in the group, so I'm excited to see them.  Hope we have as much fun as we did with the last travel group!

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