Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 19 - All Day at the Transition Home

I have to start this entry with a major shout out to my awesome husband, Mark Brannan!  It was a great surprise and the best gift I could have received to read the words he said about me.  Now, if only they were true...JK

Today Mom and I spent the entire day at the transition home.  We packed a lunch, ate breakfast at the guest house, and we were on our way.  Zane had a rough morning, but so did we.  We were all so tired.  Mom is still trying to get used to the new time zone, Zane is not used to all this one-on-one attention and stimulation, and I, well, I just stayed up too late last night.

We walked around the campus with Zane, played with some toys, and took it easy this morning.  At about 11:55, Zane's lunch came, and he went into a major fit; not because he didn't like it, but because he was ready to go to sleep.  His nap time is 12ish, so lunch was really late today.  He refused to eat and cried so hard.  I tried to console him, but he was inconsolable.  I gave him to his nanny to see if she could figure it out, but he cried harder.  The guard walked up, took him in his arms, and he immediately stopped crying.  What?  Of course he couldn't stand their and rock him to sleep, so he tried to give him back to me.  He wailed.  I decided he needed to just lay down and go to sleep.  And I did too, so well all, Mom, me, and Zane took a rest.  I fell asleep on the couch, and mom read a book.

When Zane woke up, he was much better, and he drank 13 ounces of formula.  He was hungry.  We read a book, kicked the soccer ball, and played.  He was back to himself.  I did notice a croupy cough today, so Zane may be getting sick...again.  Please pray for him and all of the kids.  They are constantly passing around colds and other sicknesses.  They need to be with their parents and away from other sick kids so they can get better.

Next week is the last week courts are open.  I am hoping to pass court and take Zane out of the transition home by Friday.  If we do not pass, we may have to revert to plan B.  What is plan B?  I don't know yet.  We didn't plan for plan B!  Plan B may be God's plan A, and we are open to whatever timetable he has us on.

Pray that God gives Mark and I clear direction about our next steps as a family.

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