Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Packing and Praying

Mark and I will leave on June 7th for Ethiopia.  Right now, we are packing and praying for our trip.  I've never packed to stay in another country for around three months, so my days have been spent packing, unpacking, and repacking for two days!

Please pray for our court appointment.  MOWCYA is currently behind in writing recommendation letters for families, and this document is a must to pass court.  We need God to supernatural speed up the letter writing, and help MOWCYA get caught up so we can pass court on July 13th.  We also are praying that the U.S. Embassy has favor on Zane's case and that there is no need for further review or investigation.  Pray for clear documentation, clearance, and a favorable declaration within 4-6 weeks of passing court.

Also pray for Mark and I as we meet Zane for the first time.  Pray that he will be comfortable with us and quickly know us as his parents.  Pray for our time together to be a time of bonding.

Lastly, we know that Zane's birthmother will travel soon to Addis Ababa to give her consent to the court before our court appointment.  Pray that she makes it safely to court (a distance of 11 hours), she has courage to give her consent, and that God gives her peace.

Thank you for your prayers!


brian jeansonne said...

Not packing. But we are praying! For you guys. So excited. Love you guys.

Little Lamb said...

So you are staying between court dates? That's Awesome! Praying for you three!!:) This is so exciting. I know it is so far off for us, but so incredibly encouraging to watch you guys go through all these steps ahead of us...Much love to you!

William L. said...
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william and brittany said...

cimbrey!!!! so excited for y'all. praying for you and your sweet zane. can't even imagine the anticipation you must be feeling! love to you guys!

Bourg Family said...

Praying for you, Mark, & Zane as well as Zane's birthmother. I am sure this has got to be an extremely hard decision to make.