Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 43 - A Few Updates

With all the prayers for embassy, I haven't been doing a good job keeping you up-to-date with Zane.

Zane is a very picky eater.  He is not into ANY table food really, except saltine crackers.  Occasionally, he will eat a bite of toast, but not every day.  He's got to be in the mood for it.  I have had to go to the supermarket here twice and stock up on the only baby foods he seems to like:  wheat cereal and rice with vegetable cereal.  Sounds great, right?!  If he does not eat what he likes, there is usually a melt down.  I never EVER thought I would have a picky eater!  I eat just about anything!  So, this has obviously been an adjustment.  I think we're in a good routine now though.  

Zane has been opening up and trusting me more and more.  He will try foods that he never would've eaten before.  Granted, he hates them, but he's trying them now.  He tried a french fry, rice, and a few other things that I thought he'd never eat!  Surprisingly, the kid does not like icecream.  Sure do wish that was the case for me!

Zane continues to LOVE bath time more now than ever before.  He's so excited to get in the bath that he has the open-mouth smile you see in Day 41's post, and he shakes his head with glee!  It's hilarious.  I'm trying to keep bathtime about the same amount of time each night, so he doesn't freak out when I take him away from the bath.  He's learning that he gets to do this routine every night, so he's very pleased.

Zane is  obsessed with shoes.  He loves to have them on because that usually means we get to go outside.  However, he'll wear them 24/7 if I let him, to bed and all.

Zane loves to bark like a dog.  Whenever he hears one, he pretends he's a dog too.  I really hope this means he will like Gracie and Callie.  And I hope they're not too overwhelming when he comes home!

Zane thinks birds are fascinating.  He notices them far in the distance and points.  He says something like "meow" when he sees them, so I think we're still a little confused.  We're working on animal identification.

Zane thrives on a scheduled routine.  We are totally flexible with the clock, but not with the routine.  He's been sleeping during every nap because I kept it at the same time as the transition home.  The past three nights he has slept through the night with no problems because I adjusted his eating schedule by 30 minutes.  It's amazing how much security and trust a schedule has brought him.  The great thing about it is that as long as I'm prepared for eating time and nap time, I can go and do just about anything and he will eat/sleep wherever!  Great!

Daddy is coming to see us tomorrow morning.  We are soooooo excited.  Zane has no idea, but I think he's going to think a celebrity has come to visit.  We watch videos of Mark every day and he kisses the iPad.  

Please pray we get an embassy appointment next week.  We need God to open the doors for us and let us through.  The embassy is not doing any adoption visas for two weeks starting Aug. 25th.  Pray that our Sovereign God leads peoples' hearts to give us one anyway!

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