Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 36 - Dancing

There is a lot I want to share about today!  It started out rocky, as Zane was up at 1:00 am hungry.  It was quickly resolved with a bottle though.  The Wests were heading out at about 10 this morning to go to the famous, largest African market here in Ethiopia.  The first day I was here, an adoptive mom with AWAA was mugged there with her son and daughter present.  It was scary to me to think of going, but today, I was so desparate to get out and do something that I didn't care about the risks.  I took a diaper bag full of snacks, bottle, games, and books and my Ergo to keep Zane occupied.  He was fabulous!  The entire time, he just looked around at all the sites, and he was very patient.  Wow!  What a blessing.  The market was PACKED with people.  It's Saturday, and its one of the only sunny days we've had this week.  It is CRAZY, but definitely worth saying I've been.

After the market, we took a quick stop by the best coffee shop ToMoca to get coffee (mine was a machiatto) and post office area to get scarves (for the Wests friends and family).  Today is Yonas's birthday, so we were fortunate to have him along with us!  We had lunch at the Passion Burger (What a name!?) and went back to the guest house for Dance Party Ethiopia!  In the background, you will here What a Friend We Have in Jesus.  This was our devotional song of the day, and the words ministered to me so much (again).  Thank God for the people who write hymns and praise songs.  They are life to me sometimes!

The words of the song are:

Here's our first dance as mother and son.  Zane is leading, obviously.  He's such a gentleman!  :)

Click here to see the video:



Brandy Wade said...

How sweet is that?! : ) It's been so exciting to follow your adventure. : ) Take care of yourself girl! And enjoy that sweet man.

Brandy : )

kbathurst said...

Hi Cimbrey! I started reading your blog last week and have loved reading about your time there and how you share your experience honestly and how the Lord is sustaining you. I am praying for you and Zane! We are an AWAA family too waiting for an infant (DTE 12/3/10). -Hope you have a wonderful day!, Kristen

rebels said...

Dear Friend~
I know the Lord is molding you daily...reshaping you in a new way...opening your eyes to a new characteristic of Him. Remain steadfast. He wants your attention. Continue to depend on Him alone. He is faithful and will use this season. It will not be in vain. It is purposed by Him.

One of my Dallas mentor moms said something one morning that struck me profoundly. "EVERY blessing from the Lord is also a burden and EVERY burden is also a blessing, except for Jesus alone." I refer back to that concept often.

You are doing a great job, Cimbrey! You are strong, brave and courageous! I am so proud of you. Continue to speak truth through text and on your roof where the Lord meets with you. This keeps the enemy at bay. And know that you are being prayed over daily. The Lord is building your testimony. If you did not have a testimony, you would not have a ministry.

We love you!

Megan said...

I love that song!!