Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 61 - Embassy Eve!

It's hard for me to believe that tomorrow we will be going to our embassy appointment!  In celebration of our future American's visa, Daddy and Zane got a haircut today and Zane wore his American fire truck pajamas!  I saved them 9 weeks for tonight, and I can't believe it's here.  Mark and I are excited for the appointment tomorrow, and the visa we will receive Friday morning before leaving for America!  However, nothing compares to Zane's excitement.  He has the best facial expressions!  We've seen him really come to life over the past three weeks.  His face is priceless and so difficult to capture in pictures.  He loves to laugh and be silly.  When we laugh with him, he squeals and buries his face in our chests.  He's so affectionate and loving toward us.  One of his favorite things to do lately is pucker up and give us kisses.  He even blows kisses from across the room.  He's such a sweet boy.  Here's a few from Embassy Eve that sort of capture his precious personality.

"Who me?"

"Daddy's hilarious!"

Sweet boy

"So...I'm like...going to be an official citizen?"

 "See...what happened was..."

"Daddy, you comin'?"

"Do they let you run on furniture in America?  Okay, I'll go."

"YAY!  I'm going home soon!!!"


jkseevers said...

Hooray!! Soo excited for you and Mark, Cimbrey!

God is sooo good!

Big Hugs, friend.


Debb said...

Oh, Cimbrey!!!! He is so absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! So very excited for you guys!!! "Leavin'.....on a jet plane!" That will be you THREE very SOON!!!!! So excited for you guys! And praising God with you!!!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

That smile is priceless! He's is precious! I love that he's so affectionate. Sweet Boy!!! :-D