Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost another week has gone by!  I can't believe how quickly time goes by sometimes.  Zane is doing great with his sleep patterns now.  We went to the pediatrician for the first time this week, and he got some medicine for a cough he's had.  In addition to helping with the cough, it's helped him sleep through the night, so he's getting more used to US time.  Zane is trying all kinds of new foods, and he's being really brave!  He definitely does not like all of them, but at least he's trying!

Zane met my Aunt Denise today at Honey's and G-G's (Grandaddy's new name) house.  We had lunch, and he enjoyed playing with old toys that Nick and I played with!  It's amazing because those toys are now selling at Target for $20.  All the vintage stuff is back!  Zane got to play with an ORIGINAL telephone pull toy whose eyes move up and down and a worm scooter whose stickers have all come off.  He loved it.  Only G-G could push him on the scooter because he does it best, apparently!

Grandmom came for a visit this week!  She came bearing gifts, like all good grandmom's do!  Zane enjoyed playing with her and taking a walk in his beloved stroller.  Zane showed Grandmom how to launch his Lightening McQueen car and make it go fast, and they played with a new fall bear she brought.

Mark is enjoying his job with Hess, and his schedule has been great.  He's been able to beat the traffic home and play with Zane before bedtime.  We've enjoyed dinners at home, bath time (which is a total celebration complete with a chant and dance), and walking around the beautiful Terry Hershey park.

This weekend Uncle Nick comes in town to meet Zane, and we're having other AWAA families to Mimi's house for dinner.  Zane's friend, Musse', lives in Katy, so I'm looking forward to meeting up with the Rowells again, this time in the United States!  I wonder if they will recognize each other in this new environment?  I'm sure pictures will follow...Stay tuned...

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