Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today marks ONE MONTH that we have been waiting for Zane.  We have been told to expect a 3-8 month wait for a referral for a baby boy.

On the "unofficial wait list" that people in our agency keep up with, we have moved up to number 22!!  So in one month we've moved  up 7 spots!  YEA!  Things are moving!

A big prayer request right now for our agency is for people who have referrals to get court dates.  The courts were closed through August and September, so there is a little back up with the court process.  Please pray that many families will be scheduled for court, so the process doesn't keep backing up.

Thanks for praying for Zane and for us as we wait for him to come home!


Amanda said...

So exciting, friend!

Stephanie said...

Hi Brannans!! :)

We are the Webbs and we hope to travel for a little baby boy for you or soon after you. Just thought we'd check in.

P.S. Where did you hear 3 - 8? I have only heard 4 - 6 months.