Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am officially registered for a great adoptive moms retreat!  Upon hearing about the event, I knew it would be an awesome time.  Any excuse to get together with a bunch of girls who love Jesus, love girl time, and love adoption!  I'm perfectly content to sign up for these kinds of things by myself, and usually I'm surprised and thrilled to meet up with people I know at the event.  Signing up for this event, however, was an even better surprise!

Several girls on the America World Yahoo Group threw around ideas of going, so I knew there would be a few familiar faces as the first day of registration came and went.  When I went to sign up there were only four spots left because so many women committed to go!  Kristy, my AWAA NOLA buddy, called and we determined to go together.  In a matter of three days, Jamie from Baton Rouge, Kara from the Woodlands, Autumn from Houston, and several others in the America World group had registered to go!  I am so excited to see these girls and meet some of them face-to-face for the first time!

A remarkable thing is after learning about all of the wonderful America World girls going, I got on Facebook and found Mary Beth from Arkansas is also going.  Mary Beth is the beautiful wife of my high school friend, Casey Picker.  I have been in contact with her regularly since I learned of their adoption of their 2nd son from Ethiopia, and I followed their 2nd adoption of a little girl from Ethiopia this summer.  Although I feel like I know her, I have never met Mary Beth.  I am so thrilled to be able to meet her and hang out with her at this retreat!

This will definitely have to be the first of many annual retreats like this one!

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The Albritton's said...

i am a SUCKER for any and all adoption t-shirts...i SO just purchased the one for the retreat! :)

We have GREAT friends in Ruston who just switched from Rawanda to Ethiopia because of all the craziness going on in Rawanda. It has been crazy for them. Here is their blog
I gaver Erin yours as well! Hope everything is going great!