Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Visits

So apparently TB is something you have to get tested for before you complete your Dossier.  No big deal, unless you have no idea what TB is!  I go to the Dr. today to get a "physical".  I'm thinking sight, hearing, reflex exams, you know?  Isn't that what a physical is?  I get there and they tell me I have to get blood work.  Blood work is NO PROBLEM for me.  I've had to get blood work so much this year that I tell THEM what vein to poke these days.  What I don't like is UNEXPECTED pokes, and that's what they did to me today.  For a TB test you don't get poked in a vein, but in your forearm.  I don't know why this makes me wince as I write.   It's not like I've never seen a needle, but I guess I've always known where the needle is going!  I was totally stressed out as the Doctor randomly stuck me in the arm.  I just thought I'd warn anyone reading this that might be considering adoption.  PREPARE FOR THE TB TEST.

Besides that, what's with the Doctor asking you if you've been working out????  Ugh!  No, okay!  I've been a little too busy for that!  WHY ARE YOU ASKING?  Do I look fat in this outfit?  Geez-o-peets! (Cajun for "Golly!")  Isn't it enough that you already know my weight?

On a lighter note (yes that is sarcasm), I will be getting my HIV and Hepatitis B blood work done tomorrow.  This stuff is intense.  Necessary, but intense nonetheless.

I am grateful though, that with every "test", "stick", appointment, and phone call we are one step closer to our child in Ethiopia.  It's gonna be MORE than worth it all!

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Laura and Ben said...

I've had 2 TB tests in my life. I had to do it for substitute teaching and then again for full-time teaching. For some reason, it's just stressful because you have to wait 2 days or something for them to recheck you for results. I mean, I know I don't have TB, but I overanalyze where they poked me and think it "doesn't look right." haha!