Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We got back from Lori's wedding in Dallas on Sunday night and headed to Daytona Beach for youth camp at 6 am Monday morning. Jon and Anna prepared for 2 stops. One to pick up a few youth that had moved recently to Mississippi and another for a 30 minute sandwich stop. Anna and Katherine Ashe stayed up all night Sunday night making over 80 sandwiches! Whoa.
After a 10 hour bus ride we finally arrived at camp. It was "camp" hotel-style, which isn't really "camp" I guess, but more of a retreat. We had 5 hours of free time on the beach every day, so I have no complaints! The students had a great time! Spur 58 led worship and they were AWESOME! It was good for Mark to get back in touch with Aaron Ivy, the lead singer. They knew each other during their college days. The theme of the week was PEACE. I don't know why I've never thought about this before, but I became profoundly aware that peace is ONLY found in Christ. In fact, the very definition of peace denotes that there was a payment for it. Peace is completeness, and being joined together with something, which is exactly what happens when someone accepts Christ. They are grafted into the promise and receive the inheritance of the Saints. Wow. The bumper sticker is right, "No Jesus, No Peace. Know Jesus, Know Peace." It's that simple. To all of us who have searched for peace through the advice of others, meditation, relaxation, and other post-modern techniques...guess what? We're never going to find it that way. It's not there. Jesus alone is peace. Surrender to Him. He'll NEVER let you down.


Rachel said...

Love it--keep them coming!! The camp must have been so fun!! I love that y'all got to go! WHat a treat!! I miss you!

Jon Palmer said...

Anna & Catherine are such LIARS!!! They did not stay up all night making sandwiches, although it did take up most of the afternoon. Yall were awesome at camp. The youth are still going crazy over it. God did a great work! Thanks so much for your willingness to serve!!!

rkelley said...

Love the blog, Cimbrey! And, glad to hear about the youth trip to FL. I pray it was life changing for many as well as fun and relaxing. Enjoy your summer!