Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Top 10

Zane is my new Valentine this February 14th.  I didn't know how I could love another Valentine (besides my husband) and this year, I am realizing the depth and breadth and height of God's love as I love my little boy.  And to think that God's love is greater still...I can't even imagine.

There are many reasons why I love being Zane's mommy:
10.  He enthusiastically smiles with bright eyes and an excited voice yelling, "Mommy!!" when I pick him up from the church nursery.
9.  Every time he sees a picture of an animal he knows, he shouts it's name and sound as if encountering it for the first time.  "Epitant!!!!!!!!!!! (Elephant)" "Rooster!!!!!!! Da-Da-Dooooo!!!!!"
8.  He loves to count and say the alphabet.  Flash cards, books, and puzzles are his favorites!  It does this teacher's heart good.
7.  He teaches me about moderation; always eating slowly and never cleaning his plate, playing with one or two toys at a time, and never wanting excess.
6.  He says "Thank you" to everything...I mean everything.  Here's a button, Zane.  "Thank you!"  Here's a piece of paper. "Thank you!"  Let Mommy help you with that.  "Thank you!"  It reminds me to always give thanks in every circumstance knowing that the testing of our faith produces perseverance, and perseverance Godliness. (James 1:3)
5.  He loves Veggie Tales with all his heart, and he dances like there's no tomorrow to the theme song,  racing his feet as fast as they will possibly move.
4.  When he wakes up in the morning or from a nap, he unfailingly says, "Hiiiii! (Really drawn out).  How are you?" in the singsongy voice of a Kindergarten teacher.
3.  He shouts "Jesus" periodically during the day - in the car, as we read books, before nap - and I know this means, "Sing me a 'Jesus' song!"  Not just any church song.  Let's be clear.  It must say the name of Jesus or it is not a 'Jesus' song.  No "This Little Light of Mine" in this's "Give Me Jesus", "There's Something About That Name", "Blessed Assurance", "Jesus Loves Me", "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", "Jesus Loves the Little Children", "Praise the Name of Jesus", and any other song that speaks his name.  It just makes me want to shout "GLORY!"  My little boy gets it.  There is power in the name of Jesus.
2. He tugs my neck to draw my faces closer to his to where our cheeks touch, closes his eyes, and rests his head on my shoulder.
1. He reaches up, touches my heart, and says, "Zane" as I cradle him to sleep, which means, "Zane's Mommy."  He knows I am his and he is mine.

My heart is so full this Valentine's Day.  There so much love that I want to give him, and I come up short.  That's when the Holy Spirit takes over with just the right touch, the right words, and the right expression to love him the way that only God can.

I would love to have some special traditions for Valentine's Day.  I think it's a great way to teach him about the true love of God, and people like St. Valentine who gave it all for the cause of Christ.  It's not coincidence that the root "Valen" means "Strong, Powerful, Courageous".  After all, it's this kind of love, God's love, that St. Valentine died for.  It's important to me for Zane to know, that a Valentine is a warrior. Love is difficult.  Love is passionate.  Love is devoted.  And Love died so that he might have life.

***What do you do with your kids on Valentine's Day?  Any special traditions?  Any resources that teach kids about the History of Valentine's Day?


Dawn said...

Hi, Cimbrey! We have a few Valentine's traditions. Some of them Z is probably not ready for yet, but I know he's growing quickly! (1) We read the history of Valentine's Day from, then discuss St. Valentine. (2)We send Valentine's cards to all the widows we know signed by each of us since they no longer have a spouse to remember them on VDay. This is one of my favorites! (3) The kids and I make Daddy's favorite dessert while he's at work and have it ready when he arrives home. (4) We read The Velveteen Rabbit. (5) We'll be starting a new one this year. In 2011 a movie came out about a girl who is adopted and the significant role the story of The Velveteen Rabbit plays in her life. We'll be watching this movie on VDay this year. It's called "Just Where I Belong" and you can get it at Family Christian Stores. (6) We never go out to eat. A friend of ours passed away about 10 years ago from cancer on VDay. We take the money we would spend on eating out and gifts and instead send it to the family to add to a scholarship set up in her name. That's it for us!

The Brannan Brief! said...

Dawn!!!! Oh my goodness. Valentine's Day is awesome at your house! What great ideas! I love it! What is Daddy's favorite dessert? Just curious. My husband doesn't have favorites (so he says), so maybe I can steal somebody else's favorite until he finds one. :) Totally going to look for that movie. Thank you so much for th e comment!

Anonymous said...

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