Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 4 - Settling In

Last week finished with a BANG, as Zane had the privledge of getting 7 shots (all routine stuff he missed while in Ethiopia) and 4 tubes of blood taken! Congratulations, Zane! You were the lucky winner of the worst doctor visit imaginable. This kind of doctor appointment calls for Chuey's creamy jalapeno! We enjoyed great Mexican food and the waiter even gave Zane a Blue Bell push pop for free. That totally made up for the bad morning.

Friday night, Jay flew in from New York to see Zane and Laura and Ben came from Gonzales, TX. Zane me them for the first time Saturday morning. It was so nice of them to come down.

He's making his Baylor G-Daddy do his "gig 'em" thumb!  Good boy!

Monday, Zane had 2 more shots and three more tubes of blood taken. He's pretty much scarred for life from any doctor's office.

I think we made up for the bad start to the week by going to the pool, the Children's Museum with his buddy, Musse, and the playground at Memorial City Mall later in the week. It was great to see him having fun and smiling with other kids.
 Learning to use a pulley

 A real-life car!!!

 Favorite exhibit?  The Water Fountain.  Fascinating.

 Zane's already hired a driver.

 Memorial City Mall

 King of the Mountain!

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