Thursday, April 21, 2011


Tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY, and I can't pass up the opportunity to tell another aspect of Zane's referral story.

I hopped into my car at approximately 2:45 on Monday, April 18th to leave from work.  Becky, my partner teacher, can verify that we NEVER leave this early.  Since it was a short work week (we are off for Easter Thursday - Wednesday), we had little to prepare for after school.

Really, as I look back, it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to get to my phone that I ignorantly left in my car all day Monday.  I rushed to check my email because every day AWAA friends post any news they may have received on a Yahoo Group I'm a member of.  Monday, I didn't even have to open the Yahoo app because I had a "703" area code glaring at me in the missed calls window!  I vaguely remember Kim, my AWAA buddy, said that she checks her phone every day for a 703 area code.  I didn't even know their phone number!  That shows you how unexpected this referral was!  Of course, I immediately called the number back.  Sure enough, it was Caitlin with our referral call for sweet little A (can't share his whole name online until we pass court).

As soon as I got off the phone with her, I called Mark and shared the exciting news.  It was then that my mind  turned to the radio.  I wanted to remember every moment of the call so I could share it with Zane later.  Music is so important to Mark and I, so it was on my heart to remember the song on the radio when Caitlin told us we had a little boy.

I nearly cried when I heard this song (below) playing.  I blared it and struggled through a tight throat to sing it aloud as I drove home.  It is a song of hope, deliverance, and most importantly, salvation.  Good Friday is "good" because it is the day that God made us right with him through the death of Jesus.  It is the day that God made the way for us to be adopted as His sons through Christ.  Without Good Friday, we would be Fatherless, struggling to spiritually connect to a God that we could never measure up to.  Because of Christ, we have been made righteous, pure, and clean children of God.

The second verse of the song is the part that I tuned into as I turned on the radio Monday afternoon.  I believe God spoke this to me about my son, who so desperately needs to know Jesus is with him even now.
It says, "The weak find their strength in the sound of your great Name.  Hungry souls receive grace at the sound of your great Name.  The fatherless; they find their rest; at the sound of your great Name!"  Praise you, Lord!  You are with Zane when we cannot be!

Listen to the words of this beautiful Natalie Grant song and praise His GREAT NAME with us!


Michelle said...

I am overwhelmed with joy for you guys and your precious son!!!! Congratulations!! He is truly a blessing from God.

Traci said...

What a beautiful story! We are praying for Zane and for you're growing family. So excited for you---congratulations!