Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paperwork is nearing an end! YEA!

Last Friday, Mark and I headed to Baton Rouge to get our dossier documents certified by the secretary of state! It was a great birthday present to get that behind us.  Check out the videos below to see a quick snap shot of our "adventure."
The "Official" Secretary of State's Office in the "Old Capitol Building".  Of course great work is done everyday in our state's capitol...just not the kind of work we were interested in getting done!
We thought we followed the visitor's office directions exactly as we were told...
But apparently we missed a key turn somewhere along the way....
In order for the state to certify our papers, they have to be signed in front of a notary....
Where better to find a notary than your local grocery store?


Finally back at the right S.O.S. office...

So it turns out LA is very efficient about getting the documents certified, and I recommend that anyone adopting internationally from LA just take it to Baton Rouge, instead of mailing it in. They finished it in about 5 minutes after we FINALLY figured out where we were going.

Mark took me shopping in BR after getting the papers certified at the Mall of Louisiana. What a happy birthday! :)


Michelle said...

How exciting! I LOVE the video documentary. Are you making something for Zane/etc? to have when he is older? Neat post. Congrats!

Emily said...

I just met Wade's parents sunday and they told me about ya'll! You are way ahead of us in the process! I am not a task person so I am struggling to get this stuff done! But it will happen! Congrats on the process! :)